Operating Theatre & Cleanroom Filters.
Sterile Areas

The ventilation and air conditioning technology used in hospitals has always been one of the most complex areas of application within modern ventilation technology. In order to reduce airborne pollutants locally in the operating theatre, we offer a wide range of different ventilation systems for effective dilution of pollutants, for stable germ displacement and for protection from contamination of instruments on the instrument table in the protected area of the operating theatre.

Theatre Lighting Systems.

Operating room ventilation systems are used to keep the wound area of a patient and the instrument tables free from airborne bacteria. Surgical lighting is one of the major disturbances in operating room ventilation systems. The surgical lights were developed with one specific aim in mind: providing optimal operating theatre lights in order to maintain air streams in laminar-flow systems.

EPA, HEPA & ULPA Filters.

From E11 to U15, the HEPA and ULPA filters meet the highest requirements for clean air and sterility in sensitive clearooms, industrial & food applications and hospital operating theatres.

Laminar Flow Units.

Laminar flow screens for operating theatres.

SFDLA Terminal Filter Units.

Our terminal housings for HEPA and ULPA filters are used for intake and recirculating air filtration of cleanrooms and ventilation systems requiring the highest clean air quality and sterility, such as in hospitals / medical institutes, pharmacies, sterile rooms, labs, research centers, in highly sensitive industrial processes (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, optics, food/beverages, micro-electronics.

Safe Change Housings.

Essential where airborne contaminants pose a risk for maintenance personnel.

The safe-change-system provides for contamination-free filter replacement using a safety bag. The entire housing is finished in of powder-coated steel or stainless steel.

Plenum Hoods.

Our HEPA and ULPA filter with plastic plenum hood are used for intake and recirculating air filtration of cleanrooms and flexible cleanroom system.

Fan Filter Units.

Cartridge Filters.

Our EPA and HEPA cartridge filters offer in a minimized space highly efficient arrestance in a compactly dimensioned unit.

Highflow Filters.

High volume flow filters feature recessed grips at the side and a gripping lug for easier handling and installation.