Particulate Dust Filters.

Discover a wide range of air filtration solutions – from flat panel filters through to custom designed HEPA filter systems (for specialised applications, complete clean room and operating theatre systems for hospitals).

We also stock a comprehensive range of related products and services like odour absorption filters, filter frames and commercial grease filters.

Particulate Dust & HVAC Filters.

Types of Particulate Filters Available

  • Media [G2-G4]
  • Panel & pleated panel filters [G2-G4]
  • Pocket filters [G4-F9]
  • Cassette filters [M5-E11]
  • HEPA / ULPA filters [E12-U17]
  • Holding frames & Accessories

Filter Media.

Full rolls, linear metres and cut media mats are available in a range of media grades from G2-F8.

P Series Media – G2, G3 & G4

The P series filter mats are used for intake air filtration in air-conditioning systems of all kinds, particularly for coarse dust arrestance or as a prefilter stage.

The P range comprises of

▪  P200 ( G2 )

▪  P300 ( G3 )

▪  P400 ( G4 )


▪  The mats are made of high performance nonwovens produced inhouse from elastic, break-resistant polyester fibres with thermal bonding.

▪  P300 and P 300 have a longer useful lifetime because of their progressive structure – the layers are arranged behind each other to increase the density of the fibre layers towards the clean air facing side. This optimises the defined filter performance and dust holding capacity.

▪ P range filter mats are particularly cost-efficient because of their high dust holding capacity and long life times.

▪  All mats in this series are especially effective in applications requiring stable arrestance in high dust loading and high air flow rates.

▪  The P Series does a great job of harmonising the arrestance and dust holding capacity in exhaust air filtration.

▪  Able to be washed several times (care is required).



▪  HVAC of all types,

▪  Paint spray booth pre-filtration

▪  General industrial applications


Panel & Pleated Panel Filters.

For air handler intakes and general ventilation, our panel filters offer low-cost, high-efficiency solutions.

Pocket Filters.

From the economical range for HVAC through to the High Performance range for tough conditions with extremely long life, there is a pocket filter for every application.

Available in a range of designs with G4-F9 media [EN779:2012] / ISO Coarse – ePM1 [ISO 16890] which is being phased in from mid 2016 to replace all EN779 grades. ISO 16890 covers a range of particle sizes from 0.3 – 10 um which models normal application types more realistically.

Cassette Filters.

Where your space is at a premium our range of cassette filters enables space saving!
M5-E11 [EN779:2012] / ePM10- ePM1 [ISO 16890] grades available