From packaged standalone units to fully customized engineered solutions, we have a fabric filter / baghouse solution which will reduce your air emissions.

Our systems are designed to separate pollutants from clean air, collect the pollutants in a hopper [which can be provided with a screw conveyor or rotary valve for removal] and discharge the cleaned air after passing it through the self-cleaning pulsejet bag system.

  • High collection efficiency
  • High air to cloth ratio
  • Minimal dust build up due to pulse jet cleaning action
  • Smaller physical size / less bags – because of high air to cloth ratio.
  • Less maintenance costs because of continuous bag cleaning
  • Smaller fans with less kW are required due to lower pressure drop requirements
Standard or Custom Design?

Standard packaged baghouse sizes through to fully custom engineered turnkey projects are available.

We are leading dust collector solutions providers and have hundreds of NZ / Australian references for baghouse projects spanning over the past five decades.

Static baghouses.

We also offer ‘static’ baghouses which use shaker or reverse flow air systems to clean the fabric socks or sleeves. These designs are for sites without compressed air or a lighter particulate loading application.

Packaged dust collection.

Windsor are the New Zealand representatives for Donaldson Filters and their extensive range of pre-engineered and packaged dust collectors.

This type of packaged dust collector utilizes cartridge type filter elements for high efficiency, compact design and ease of maintenance.

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