High quality flat panel filters for HVAC

Panel filters can be manufactured in a variety of materials, to suit almost any industrial air filtration demand.

We stock a range of flat or pleated panel filters in three locations for prompt and convenient response to your needs.

Made in New Zealand.


Aluminum Framed Filters.

Refered to as AL50, AL22 and AL11, these serviceable filters are great for minimising the waste often asossiated with filter maintencane. The frame is made from hollow extrusions of aluminium, joined by strong plastic corner pieces. Available stocked in various panel sizes, as well as custom sized to match any existing filter terminal, we offer three thicknesses.

We can fit a range of filter materials from G2 -to M5 including also Flyscreen mesh and Vilene.

  • AL50 – 50mm Pleated with a stainless steel, toolless removable cage
  • AL22 – 22mm Flat panel, retained by a rubber bead
  • AL11 – 11mm Flat panel, retained by a rubber bead

Standard panel sizes range from 300mm x 300mm -to- 600mm x 600mm

Larger(including hinged) and smaller sizes are available on special request.


Our Aluminium panel filters are user servicable, the non-woven media is washable and replaceable. We also accept and offer a media replacement service in three New Zealand loacations.


Please contact our friendly staff for more information, and see the downloads section for the associated brochures.

Stainless steel framed filters.

For environments where aluminium and plastic are unnacceptable, we also supply several premium designs of 316 stainess steel fabricated filters. These filters are user servicable, with washable and replacable filter material.

These filters are made to order, available in custom sizes and with a variety of filter materials including flyscreen mesh.


EM(Left) and FMP(Right) series filters offer the ultimate long service life, for not just the media, but also the filter frame.