Moisture Measuring

Measuring timber moisture content is a key component of effective drying.

Our DryTrack® systems are accurate, repeatable moisture content measuring and monitoring systems for timber drying.

We offer a standard in-kiln package whereby the operator “clips” the MC sensors into the measuring circuit or the DryTrack® Echo version whereby the MC sensors are automatically located once the kiln is in operation.

We also offer an in-line system typically located in the planer mill to monitor drying performance i.e. MC standard deviation and identify wet or under dried boards.

DryTrack® Kiln Controls & Measurement.

  • Windsor DryTrack® and DryTrack® Echo systems minimises degrade caused by over or under drying, resulting in more consistent product quality.
  • By repeatedly preventing over-drying, kiln drying capacity is increased.
  • Robust and simple to operate, DryTrack® can be integrated with Dryspec® and other kiln controls and data management systems.

Pressure Pack.

Each DryTrack® system is fitted with a Pressure Pack system.

This keeps the electronics dry and free from steam ingress resulting in prolonged meter card life. A robust blower unit is supplied complete with inlet filter.

The Pressure Pack system can be retrofitted to existing and other MC systems.

System Features.

  • Measurement can start at fully green moisture content at ambient temperatures or 80% moisture content (on a dry basis) at operating temperatures.
  • The system displays readings from each zone or an average for the whole kiln.
  • It can be linked to any kiln management system (for example Dryspec® 2000 or equivalent 3rd party system) for added flexibility and greater control or run as a standalone package.
  • The readings are taken from a large sample of timber, typically 100 to 120 boards per measuring point.