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Windsor Industrial division incorporates products into unique solutions for a wide range of customer problems.

Be it dust, heat, noise, moisture our experienced sales design and project engineers can work across all engineering disciplines.

We are fully resourced to work on large complex industrial projects in many Asia / Pacific countries.


Air Pollution Control

For products and services ranging from packaged dust collectors and dust collection systems through to customised wet or dry scrubbers, high efficiency cycones and electrostatic precipitator systems.

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Windsor Air Pollution Control
Windsor Energy Products


For products and services ranging from heat exchangers through to energy and heat recovery systems.

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Liquid Filtration

The K Factor Filter is a fully automatic and self-cleaning industrial liquid filtration system, engineered and designed to suit most applications in a number of industries where removal of solids from liquids is required.

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Windsor KFactor Filtration
Windsor Sound Attenuation

Noise Control

For acoustic solutions for all applications - supply and exhaust attenuators and acoustic enclosures.

Specialist design and manufacture of hygiene fully cleanable exhaust attenuators.

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Material Handling

Custom engineered material handling systems - blowers, rotary valves and silos.

Complete design, manufacture and installation.

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Windsor Material Handling
Windsor Combustion

Gas Burners & Controls

For industrial combustion systems - Fives gas burners and DUNGS combustion controls.

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General Engineering

From specialised fabrication and design through to a full range of other engineering services, the Windsor team can provide excellent solutions.

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Windsor Specialist Engineering
Windsor Technical Services

Technical Services

For technical and design services

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Mechanical Servicing

Full maintenance including parts, is available for fans, dust collectors, scrubbers and attenuators from our experienced service team.

Services include :
Dynamic balancing, bearing and drive alignment, bearing replacement, upgrades, replacements and repairs, inspections and reports.

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Windsor Servicing & Repairs
Windsor Industrial Products

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Windsor provides total engineering solutions from concept through to after sales support. With 45 years industry experience, dealing with Windsor you’ll always get a solution oriented approach to handling your project that’s guaranteed to perform.

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