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We offer a number of cyclone separation options and accessories engineered to your specific needs.

How they work

Cyclones are Centrifugal Separators.

The dust laden gas flow enters the cyclone tangentially creating an internal gas vortex.

Under the action of centrifugal force the dust is thrown to the wall of the cyclone.

The dust slides down the wall and out of the cyclone base.

The gas flow is turned in the cone section and exhausts through the inner tube at the air outlet.

Pictured to the right is a Windsor designed pressure cyclone system for a particle board plant in Vietnam.


Simplicity with low maintenance, our cyclones are all of robust quality construction and finish and come with Windsor nationwide support.


Pre-separation prior to a baghouse or next stage of the process to reduce particulate loading.
Windsor cyclones and the appropriate options and accessories are engineered to suit your specific needs.

Models Available

Model WD: A compact cyclone with good efficiency at medium pressure drop. Particularly suitable for low density dusts.
Model HE: A high efficiency medium pressure drop cyclone. Suitable for most applications.
Model HT: A wide bodied low pressure deep cyclone. Particularly suitable for large particles.
Model HF: A very compact medium efficiency and medium pressure drop cyclone. Suitable for most applications.

Construction options: Light duty galvanised steel, heavy duty steel, blast cleaned and painted or stainless steel

Our cyclones cater for a wide variety of applications including
  • plastic chip
  • wool dust
  • chemical powders
  • coal fines
  • soft feeds
  • stone grit
  • feed pellets
  • food powders
  • emission control
Advanced Cyclone Systems

AC Systems

AC Systems

As exclusive Australasian representatives for Advanced Cyclone Systems, we can offer this new technology for high efficiency cyclonic separation of particles from airstreams. 

Ideal for numerous applications including biomass combustion emission control. Very low emissions, ranging from [26-105mg]/Nm3 depending on the boiler, fuel and cyclones used.

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