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AC Systems Cyclone

AC Systems Cyclones

Advanced Cyclone Systems

As exclusive Australasian representatives for Advanced Cyclone Systems, we can offer this new technology for high efficiency cyclonic separation of particles from airstreams. 

Ideal for numerous applications including biomass combustion emission control. Very low emissions, ranging from [26-105mg]/Nm3 depending on the boiler, fuel and cyclones used.

How they work

ACS’ mission is to achieve total particle capture exclusively with cyclone systems through continuous investment in Innovation and R & D. ACS are leaders in cyclone design optimisation and particle agglomeration modelling (PACyc). A state of the art algorithm was developed with the objective of predicting the capture of submicrometric and nanometric particles, usually agglomerated in larger particles.
AC Systems Cyclone
ACS Hurricane


•  Pre-assembled modular system with very easy and fast installation

•  Robust construction with no moving parts

•  Very high efficiencies: down to 10-20 % of the emissions of other high efficiency cyclones

•  Very low emissions: down to [15-45mg]/Nm3 is achievable for many combustion sources depending on the cyclone design selected

•  Custom designs (single or parallel arrangement)

•  Low pressure drop: < 120 mm w.g.

•  No temperature restrictions


  • Near zero maintenance and downtime costs
  • Very low operating costs
  • Low investment cost
ACS Recyclone MH
ACS Recyclone MH Laminar

Models Available

Hurricanes are numerical optimized cy­clone collectors, which model how inter-particle agglomeration affects particle collection efficiency

In order to obtain higher efficiencies and legal compliance with emission limits, an improved recirculation system was designed.


AC Systems

Hurricane MK
In 2014, a better understanding of ag­glomeration allowed ACS to develop a completely new line of cyclone geom­etries, different from any other in the world; the Hurricane MK.

Hurricane MK cyclones, once adjusted for a particular process, maximize particle agglomeration. For clustering favourable PSDs, as biomass and coal fly ash, emis­sions can be as low as those from ESPs.
ACS Hurricane
ACS Recyclone MH

Recyclone Series

AC Systems

Recyclone MH
A mechanical ReCyclone® (ReCyclone® MH) is made up of a Hurricane and a particle separator (straight-through cyclone), placed downstream of the cyclone – called the “recirculator”
The main purpose of the recirculator is to reintroduce the fine uncaptured particles into the cyclone after they have been driven to the outer walls of the recircula­tor by centrifugal forces.
While this tangential gas stream is enriched in particles, the axial gas stream exhaust to the stack is clean of particles. Recirculation is achieved through an additional fan.

Since the recirculation system only serves the purpose of dust separation (and not collection), the particles are exclusively collected in the cyclone and the need of rapping mechanisms is thus avoided.
A ReCyclone® MH decreases emis­sions of Hurricane cyclones alone by 40 to 60 %. As with cyclone systems, ReCyclone® MH systems are very robust, do not have temperature limitations and do not have moving parts to be frequently changed.  Finally, recirculation control provides the benefit of handling variable process flow rates very well.

Recyclone Series

AC Systems

Recyclone (EH)
An Electrostatic ReCyclone® is made up of a Hurricane and an electrostatic recirculator, placed downstream
Using an electrostatic recir­culation in the same cyclone system has successfully proven to further reduce par­ticle emissions, even in the [1-5] μm parti­cle size range, assuring future regulation compliance, particularly where legal limits are very tight.  

A DC high voltage is applied to the concen­trator, allowing the recirculation of very fine nanometric particles, more resist­ant to centrifugal forces, to the cyclone collector. After having been separated in the recirculator and concentrated in the recirculation flow, electrically charged fine particles are attracted by the cyclone walls, while agglomerating with larger particles entering the system – both promoting their easier capture.
Very high efficiencies: decreases emissions of a ReCyclone MH by [40-70]%
“Bag Filter comparable” emis­sions: [5-25]mg/Nm3 is achievable for many combustion sources
Pressure drop: [120-180] mm w. g.
Operates up to 400ºC
Robust construction with no moving parts (no rapping mechanisms)

ACS Systems Recyclone EH
ACS recyclone EH 3D

Recyclone EH

The Recyclone EH for 15,000m3/hr is composed of two modules of 6 cyclones (600mm dia) and two modules of 6 electrostatic recirculators (600mm dia). Each group of 6 cyclones and 6 recirculators works in parallel with the other. Each module of 6 elements is transported pre-assembled for easy installation.

1. Hurricane cyclones
2. Hoppers
3. Plenums of cyclones
4. Plenums of recirculators
5. Electrostatic recirculators
6. Rotary valve
7. Screw conveyor
8. Inlet ducting
9. Outlet ducting
10. Recirculation ducting
11. Recirculation fan
12. Thermal insulation
13. Inlet gas
14. Recirculation gas
15. Exhaust gas
16. Solids discharge
Include particulate matter (PM) emission control in boilers, furnaces and dryers, and product recovery in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Windsor and ACS work in very close cooperation with our clients in order to design custom made cyclone systems that really solve their needs.
  • Biomass and Coal Combustion
  • Fuel Oil Combustion
  • Steel and Ferroalloys
  • Clinker Cooler and Pre-Heater De-dusting
  • Pyrolysis, Incineration and Gasification
  • Calcination Processes
  • Glass and Ceramic Furnaces
  • Air Caption and De-dusting
  • High Temperature Separation Processes for Energy Recovery
  • Biomass Dryers
  • Fertilisers
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