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Evaporative Gas Cooling

In partnership with B&W Megtec, we can offer TurboSonic SoniCool™ evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems to help to protect downstream equipment, enhance air pollution control performance, reduce gas volumes and increase production capacity.

How they work

Turbotak atomizing nozzles introduce a controlled amount of finely atomised water into the hot gas stream in order to reduce and/or maintain gas temperature. The water evaporates to complete dryness, while absorbing heat from the gases, for free-flowing dust, zero liquid discharge, and minimal or no wall buildup.

Reasons for using

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for example cannot properly collect dust particles with high resistivity (glass, cement, etc.) unless humidity levels are optimized. Evaporative cooling "conditions" the particulate by raising humidity, enhancing the collection efficiency of the ESP.

Incinerator, kiln, or furnace exhaust gases can be cooled from any temperature to as low as 115°C prior to baghouse filtration - reducing the volume of exhaust gas to be filtered and protecting the baghouse. The water spray completely evaporates while absorbing heat from the gases. As a result, there is no water effluent to be treated.
  • Erosion and plug-resistant Turbotak nozzles significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • High capacity single and multiple orifice atomisers reduce the number of nozzles/lances required
  • Our proven design has been used in hundreds of installations.
  • Rapid cooling reduces size requirement of the cooling chamber/duct systems and air pollution control equipment
  • Infinite turndown ratios maintain optimum temperature control
  • Completely dry operation eliminates water carryover, refractory spalling, sludge buildup, and water pollution
  • Pre-assembled modules reduce field wiring, piping, and installation costs
  • Windsor can provide upgrades to existing systems, retrofit or new installations, supplying nozzles, controls, pumps, and cooling tower fabrication.

Spares and Upgrades

We can provide upgrades to existing systems, retrofit or new installations, supplying nozzles, controls, pumps, and cooling tower fabrication.
  • Flue gas temperature reduction
  • Particulate conditioning to enhance downstream removal
  • Common Industries
  • Cement
  • Steel and Non-ferrous Metals
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Metallurgical & Mining
  • Incineration
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