Wet Scrubbers

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Wet Scrubbers

We have a range of wet scrubber technologies available for acid gas control or particulate reduction.

For dust, fume & odour control, our low, medium and high energy venturi scrubbers are available in a number of designs with collection efficiencies greater than 99.9%.

Types of Scrubber Designs

We can offer a variety of designs including cyclonic, venturi, open spray towers, tray towers, packed towers and atomizing spray scrubbers to control SO2, HCl, CIO2, Cl2 and other gas or particulate emissions.


▪ Wet scrubbers can remove both particles and gas from airstreams
▪ Able to handle high temperatures and extra moisture in the airstream
▪ Flue gases are cooled by action of scrubber
▪ Corrosive gases can be neutralised by using wet scrubbers
▪ Integrated water treatment / recirculation systems available


▪ Reduced temperature and air volume of downstream saturated airstreams means fan sizes are reduced so power consumption is less
▪ Smaller size of downstream components can decrease componentry costs
▪ Minimal fire or explosion risks due to saturated airstreams
▪ Able to collect particles and gas from airstream
▪ Can be used for gas or liquid phase or combination collection


▪ Machining and grinding exhaust gases
▪ Boiler exhausts
▪ Foundaries
▪ Metal finishers & polishers
▪ Plastics and fibreglass industries
▪ Food manufacturing processes
▪ Pharmaceutical manufacturing
▪ Chemical manufacturing
▪ Lime kilns
▪ Dryers
▪ Minerals & mining
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