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Fabric Filters / Baghouses
From packaged standalone units to fully customized engineered solutions, we have a fabric filter / baghouse solution which will reduce your air emissions. Our systems are designed to separate pollutants from clean air, collect the pollutants in a hopper [which can be provided with a screw conveyor or rotary valve for removal] and discharge the cleaned air after passing it through the self-cleaning pulsejet bag system.



Standard packaged baghouse sizes through to fully custom engineered turnkey projects are available. Windsor (including our IPSCO division) are leading dust collector solutions providers and have hundreds of NZ / Australian references for baghouse projects spanning over the past five decades.

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We also offer ‘static’ baghouses which use shaker or reverse flow air systems to clean the fabric socks or sleeves. These designs are for sites without compressed air or a lighter particulate loading application.

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We offer a range of cyclone separation options and accessories engineered to your specific needs.

Cyclones are Centrifugal Separators.

The dust laden gas flow enters the cyclone tangentially creating an internal gas vortex. Under the action of centrifugal force the dust is thrown to the wall of the cyclone. The dust slides down the wall and out of the cyclone base. The gas flow is turned in the cone section and exhausts through the inner tube at the air outlet.

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Dry Electrostatic Precipitators

Dry electrostatic precipitators (ESP) combines the advantages of maximum particulate control and collection efficiency with low operating and maintenance costs. In addition to a proven record of performance and reliability, our dry ESP offers many distinct advantages.

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Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

We have access to nearly a century of experience with wet ESPs.

Reference installations in sulfuric acid plants (oil, coal, petroleum, petroleum coke and waste-fired boilers, glass furnaces, steel mills, wood product dryers, metallurgical smelters, incinerators and gasifiers), confirm our technology partner’s position as a leader in wet electrostatic precipitator technology.

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Wet Scrubbers

We have a wide range of wet scrubber technologies available for acid gas control or particulate reduction.

We can offer a variety of designs including cyclonic, venturi, open spray towers, tray towers, packed towers and atomizing spray scrubbers to control SO2, HCl, CIO2, Cl2 and other gas or particulate emissions.

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