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Crossle Coils is an Australian manufacturing company originating as W.G. Crossle & Co. Pty Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia. Established by William G Crossle, an Irish immigrant, more than 70 years ago, the company is the oldest and original Heat Exchanger manufacturer in Australia. More recently the business has become part of the Windsor Group of companies continuing the high quality manufacture of custom heaters.

Crossle Coils are based in Dandenong, Victoria, in modern facilities, with the most up-to-date machinery and skilled staff, we offer not just the experience gained over this sustained period of trading, but a special insight into quality production and on-time delivery.

Our core business at Crossle Coils is the design and construction of Plate Fin heat Exchangers for industry. Specializing in contract coil manufacture for government, corporate and independent contractors and purchasers, Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers are designed, engineered, and built, to provide longevity in a compact, efficient, high quality heat exchanger that meets all of your requirements.

Custom coils for every purpose

Crossle Coils heat exchangers can be manufactured to meet your specific needs. We can build your heat exchanger to design, specification, drawing or sample. All Crossle Coils heat exchangers are identified by an engraved name plate carrying Job Number, Coil Description, Test Pressure etc. We maintain extensive records of all heat exchangers previously manufactured and can often identify and re-manufacture to original design data, drawings and documents.

All coils are fabricated from only premium grade materials and are subjected to in-house quality control throughout manufacture to ensure long life and maximum performance. Third party design verification and testing is available if required.

Specialized Crossle Coils fin design ensures turbulent air flow through the coil, providing optimum contact between the secondary surface (fins) and the primary surface (tubes), while minimizing air resistance and ensuring maximum heat transfer.

Approximately 30% of Crossle Coils coil production is shipped to overseas markets, demonstrating our emphasis on Quality, Service, and Delivery to deadline.

Nobody gets a coil to you faster than Crossle Coils.

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