Biomass Fired Thermal Energy.
Biomass Fired Thermal Energy Plants
  • Biomass boiler systems.
  • Tailored systems to meet specific needs of clients.
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal operating costs.
  • High reliability through uncompromising design standards.
  • Minimal cool-down and warm-up times.
  • Shorter maintenance periods.
  • Boiler parts and servicing throughout New Zealand
  • Windsor service and support for the life of the boiler.
  • Compact systems minimise civil cost.

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Biomass Fuels

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Talk to us about the fuel potential of your wet or dry organic by-products.

  • Sawdust, Wood Shavings
  • Bark, Hogged Wood
  • Wood Chip
  • Wood Pellets
  • Spent coffee grounds and Tea leaves
  • Coffee chaff and other waste
  • Cereal Husks
  • Stone fruit pips and prunings
  • Grape Mark
  • Effluent plant sludges
  • Organic or carbon-rich industrial byproducts/wastes
  • Miscanthus and Straw
  • Municipal waste and Refuse-derived fuels
Biomass Projects

Help save the planet! Convert your biomass waste into useful energy.
Robust and efficient biomass boiler systems by Windsor deliver cost savings and peace of mind where reliability is paramount.


Process Outputs
  • Steam – Pressure range:  0 to 80bar
    Power output range:  2 – 75+ MW, (3 – 110 tonnes per hour)


  • Hot water – Power output range:  2 – 25MW.


  • Thermal Oil – Power output range:  6 – 20 MW.


  • Electricity – Power output range:  5 – 25MWe


  • Hot Air – Process Air Output range:  4 – 200 tonnes per hour.
Windsor Energy
  • World Class combustion systems
  • Automated process control
  • Clean burning with low emissions
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Modular components for fast installation
  • Global brand components
  • Instant response and extremely fast change of output
  • Lower maintenance costs, shorter shut durations, and faster start-ups
  • Designed to lower your operational costs
Bubbling Fluidised Bed, BFB, Combustion:

BFB technology burns fuels with high moisture content like wood waste, coffee waste, sludge, and residue fuels.

Travelling Grate

Continuous ash discharge, travelling grate, spreader stoker that is perfect for a broad range of fuels. It is recognized worldwide for its high efficiency in generating steam and power.

  • Biomass and waste fuels
  • Low ash poultry litter
  • Travelling grate continuously discharges ash
  • Heat-resistant grates are available in several materials to suit specific client requirements

Vibrating Grate Stoker

Cooled either by water, or by air, to suit fuel moisture content and combustion air supply properties.

  • Handles high moisture, low ash fuels over a broad range of steam outputs
  • Higher combustion air temperature needed to burn high moisture fuels can be maintained without damaging the grates.
  • Vibrating grates are well suited to abrasive fuels.
  • Simple grate systems have minimal wear parts for long life.
  • The vibrating mechanism of the grate is simple. It vibrates periodically, (~ a few seconds every 20 mins), to move ash into the conveyor below.

Biomation 7 Advanced Control System

Biomation precisely regulates all settings and outputs to minimise fuel consumption and match production demands. It offers on-line assistance for trouble shooting, tuning and operation from Windsor Energy headquarters in Napier, New Zealand.