Biogas Flares


Biogas Flares

Utilising waste gas in process heating or power generation (gas engine) is a preferred method of disposal, but sometimes it is impractical due to distance from a suitable site. Flaring gas is the best alternative in this situation.

A temporary flare may also be required for co-generation standby systems and during landfill construction.

We can offer solutions for venting gas from most sources with a variety of designs available. Gas flares can be used to vent and burn off excess gas from landfills, waste water treatment plants and various other chemical or manufacturing processes.

Types of Biogas Flares

Shrouded or completely enclosed flame designs are available.

We have a range of standard flare models or we can purpose design can design a specific flare for unique applications.


We design and fabricate our gas flares against the applicable AS/NZ Standards.

These designs differ from European supplied flares. The main differences with European flares include: omitted safety components and non-acceptable (against AS/NZ Standards) electrical equipment within the hazardous zone.


Low cost nuisance gas venting and flaring to remove harmful emissions from exhaust gases, our fully enclosed flares achieve destruction efficiencies greater than 95% (expected performance will be around 99.98%). 

We have in place, service contracts with existing flare customers to ensure the gas flares are maintained in their optimal condition and performing to specification. As with most mechanical plant, routine service ensures reliable operation.

Our flares are pre-assembled and electrically tested prior to dispatch in easy to transport modules.


Our packaged flares can be constructed from stainless steel or painted / galvanised mild steel materials depending on the application and customers budget.
  • Landfill
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Digestors
  • Biogas venting
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