#4 - Curing & Drying Chambers

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Over the past 30 years, Windsor has often embarked upon projects which have not traditionally been considered within our scope of experience. As with all our projects, our reputation for delivering on time, every time a winning solution allows our engineering team to continue offering a wide range of services.

Case Study 4
- Curing & Drying Chambers

A Wellington battery manufacturer needed a large scale curing oven to make lead oxide battery plates.

These are made of a special paste, supported by a moulded frame, and must be cured in a carefully controlled atmosphere to achieve the necessary quality standards.

Case Study 4 - Solution

A special cart-loaded curing chamber was designed and built, complete with heating, humidification and control systems necessary for controlled atmosphere curing.

The finished product meets all the customer's quality and performance needs.

Other Applications

We have subsequently used this technology to design a drying chamber for electric traction motor windings, and steaming chambers for Humes of Te Rapa for curing concrete pipes.
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