Pneumatic Transfer

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Pneumatic transfer

We design and build various material transfer solutions.  Our pneumatic conveying systems are well established around the world with transferring products like wood chips, sawdust or shavings

Types of Pneumatic transfer

Using both positive displacement blowers and centrifugal blowers in lean phase and blowline applications.

Transfer distances can be from tens of meters to over a thousand.

Combination of pneumatic and mechanical transfer combining blowlines with belt conveyers and drag chains etc

Materials that can be conveyed

• Wood products including: chips, sawdust and shavings
• Food products including: milk powder, flour, grains·       
• Chemicals including: soap powder, fertiliser, cement


  • Medium and high pressure rotary valves
  • Metering systems and screw feeders
  • Surge bins and silos
  • Positive displacement blowers and centrifugal fans
  • Particle reduction equipment, hammer mills, grinders etc
  • Separating vibrating screens


Mild Steel

Stainless steel

Special Alloys
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