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The cost of today’s energy and the likelihood of tomorrow’s increases means you can ill afford to let either dry or green wood waste go to waste.

Both are a valuable source of energy. We may have the solution to your storage requirements.

Types of Silos

Windsor has an exclusive supply arrange­ment with the Italian manufacturer Mion & Mosole to supply their wood fuel storage silos in NZ and Australia.

They come in a range of sizes and discharge configurations.

Transport and assembly are straightforward. The silos are assembled from the ground up by simply bolting the zinc plated steel rings together.

Silo Design & Capacities

Available silo capacity ranges from a nomi­nal 50 m3 to 1000 m3.

Diameters vary from 4 to 8 metres.

How they work

Depending on the nature of the wood waste and the locality, the silos can be pneumati­cally or mechanically filled.

For pneumatic transfer, they can be provided with cyclones or a silo top filter.


Access ladders, explosion venting, level sensing and over temperature protection are provided as standard.

Outfeed is by a silo rotary screw, feeding through a rotary valve and bridge breaker into either a mechanical conveyor or meter­ing screw.

Truck dump unloading facilities are also available.
For our North American customers, we offer a range of concrete silos please contact us for further information.

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