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Donaldson Dust Collection Products

Donaldson Dust Collection Products

Donaldson Filtration Products

We are the NZ agents for Donaldson Filtration Pty covering a wide range of packaged dust collection products and services, including after sales service and spares.

Today, Donaldson continues to innovate and explore ways to help solve customer problems and apply technology to new markets.

How they work

Dust collectors are used in many processes to either recover valuable granular solid or powder from process streams, or to remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases prior to venting to the atmosphere. Dust collection is an online process for collecting any process-generated dust from the source point on a continuous basis. Dust collectors may be of single unit construction, or a collection of devices used to separate particulate matter from the process air. They are often used as an air pollution control device to maintain or improve air quality.

Mist collectors remove particulate matter in the form of fine liquid droplets from the air. They are often used for the collection of metal working fluids, and coolant or oil mists. Mist collectors are often used to improve or maintain the quality of air in the workplace environment.

Fume and smoke collectors are used to remove sub-micrometre size particulates from the air. They effectively reduce or eliminate particulate matter and gas streams from many industrial processes such as welding, rubber and plastic processing, high speed machining with coolants, tempering, and quenching.
Donaldson Modular Dust Collector

Donaldson Powercore Cartridges

Space saving with PowerCore

Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors with PowerCore® filter packs solve the industry’s need for better filtration, reduced operational cost, a smaller footprint and easier maintenance. Less steel and oil are required to manufacture and transport collectors that are 50 - 70 percent smaller than traditional collectors. Clean-side filter pack access and fewer, lighter filter packs mean faster, easier filter changes without tools or filter cages. An optimized airflow management  system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction. Also, collectors are shipped with filter packs installed.

Additionally, smaller sized Torit® PowerCore® collectors can eliminate the need for complicated ductwork or a large, energy-consuming central dust collection system. With greater flexibility, manufacturers can now optimize space on the plant floor while containing costs. Innovative PowerCore® filtration technology means reduced freight and installation costs, fewer filter pack changeouts, lower maintenance costs, and no entry requirements for filter pack changes.

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Cartridge Dust Collectors

As the inventor of the cartridge collector, Donaldson® Torit® has led the way with continuous innovation, such as the award-winning Downflo® Oval dust collection technology.

No other manufacturer comes close to matching the innovation and breadth of technical expertise that Donaldson Torit incorporates into its cartridge collectors. 

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Donaldson Cartridge Collectors

Donaldson Torit Baghouses


Donaldson® Torit® offers a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collectors ranging from small Cyclones and Unimaster® collectors that handle as low as 204 m3/hr to large RFs and LPs that handle up to 334,700 m3/hr.

The range also includes unique collectors like the Dalamatic®, which feature envelope-shaped bags for improved pulse cleaning of especially challenging dusts, and clean side access to filters to make changeouts easier.

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Mist Collectors

High performance mist collection is a must for manufacturers that generate coolant and machining oil mist in their applications. Uncollected mist leaves condensation and residue on floors, machines, walls and ceilings, creating a potentially unsafe and unclean manufacturing environment.

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Donaldson Mist Collectors
IPSCO Packaged Dustcollection

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