Donaldson Dust Collection

Donaldson Dust Collection

Donaldson Filtration Products

We are the NZ agents for Donaldson Filtration Pty covering a wide range of packaged dust collection products and services, including cartridge filtration and offering after sales service and spares.

Today, Donaldson continues to innovate and explore ways to help solve customer problems and apply technology to new markets.

Dalamatic Dust Collectors - DLMC

The cased version of the Dalamatic collector can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Continuous collection
  • Compact design
  • Dura-life bags - twice the life of other bag brands
  • Helix tube filters for greater collection efficiencies
  • Versatility and wide range of designs and bags to solve all issues
  • Easy access to reduce maintenance issues
Donaldson DLMC
Donaldson DLMV

Space saving Dalamatic Insertable - DLMV

Insertable design subtantially reduces or eliminates ducting costs because the DLMV can be inserted directly into hoppers, hood enclosures, ribbon blenders etc.

▪ Five configurations to suit most process applications.
▪ Bags can be installed hanging vertically, horizontally or any angle in between.
▪ Uses positive pressure of the conveying air or can be fan powered for pneumatic conveying applications.
▪ Insertable design reduces or eliminates ducting costs and minimized ducting can also reduce energy costs.


Unimaster Dust Collectors - UMA

A self-contained collector with everything needed to begin collecting dust, the Unimaster comes complete with fan and fan motor, automatic shaker and shaker motor, and system controller making installation quick and easy. Since the automatic shaker cleans the bag filters, there is no need for expensive compressed air. Ideal for intermittent operations in plant processes, the Unimaster can  be used as a central system or at the point of dust generation.
  • Compact design - minimizes floor space & fits virtually anywhere
  • Versatility - 3 configurations for flexibility
  • Broad range offers maximum air handling capacity in a compact design
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Easy maintenance
Donaldson DLMV Unimaster
Donaldson Cabinet Collectors

Cabinet Dust Collectors - 50-80

Compact, self-contained dust collector delivers excellent efficiency for intermittent in-plant dust and smoke control.

▪ Reliable and cost-efficient filtration on nuisance dust generated in industrial operations.
▪ High collection efficiency of 99.9% allows recirculation of heated and/or air-conditioned plant air.
▪ Manually-operated filter shaker makes filter cleaning easy.
▪ Quick access to dust drawers and dust pails provides easy and safe maintenance.
▪ Filter changes have never been easier with the EZ Filter Pack™, a one-piece, lightweight filter bag that installs without tools and provides a positive pressure seal.

Modular Dust Collectors - MBT & MBW

The Modular Baghouse collector comes in two models: the MBT allows walk-on, top access to the bags (clean-air side) of the collector. This configuration is ideal for indoor or tight budget applications. The MBW offers a walk-in clean-air plenum, so bags can be replaced in any kind of outdoor weather.
  • High body inlet models allow higher air-to-media ratios on lighter dusts
  • Square models help minimise ducting and accessory costs
  • Clean air bag access for easier bag service
  • Welded design increases durability
  • Integral fan option reduces space requirements
  • Tool-free installation of bag filters and cages
Donaldson Modular Collectors
IPSCO Packaged Dust Collection

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