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We are the NZ agents for Donaldson Filtration Pty covering a wide range of packaged dust collection products and services, including cartridge filtration and offering after sales service and spares.

Today, Donaldson continues to innovate and explore ways to help solve customer problems and apply technology to new markets.

Mist Collectors - WSO

The versatile Donaldson WSO Mist Collector provides three filter solutions for water-soluble coolant, straight oil, and the most challenging, oily smoke. The WSO uses revolutionary Synteq XP Media Technology engineered for superior draining, resulting in lower pressure drop and longer filter life. The WSO can be modified with a simple filter change, leading to leaner operation, cost savings and cleaner plant air.

  • Cross-flow design for better drainage
  • Easy to change cartridge filters
  • Energy savings, quiet operation
  • Continuous-duty design, lower life cycle costs
  • Configurations for machine mounting, floor stands, or ducted central systems
  • UL-approved electrical components
Available as floor mounted stand, machine mountable or fully ducted cellular and central systems.
Donaldson WSO Mist Collectors
Donaldson WSO Crossflow Filterwsoschematic

Cross flow filter design

Cross-flow filter design for better drainage means longer filter life.

Dirty air flows horizontally through the walls of the WSO filter, perpendicular to drainage of collected and coalesced mist.

This design promotes optimum drainage, which extends filter life and returns collected coolant for re-use. Conventional mist collectors have an upflow design impeding drainage and causing short filter life.

Choose the best mist filter for your application: Water soluble - Typical particle size 2-20 micron, Oil - Typical particle size 0.8 - 5 micron, Smoke - Typical particle size 0.7 - 1.2 micron.
IPSCO Packaged Dust Collection

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