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We are the exclusive Australasian licensee for New York Blower who have one of the world's largest ranges of catalogued industrial fans.

Fans are the heart of many industrial processes and provide air for process supply, cooling, exhausting and other applications. Our range of New York Blower fully fabricated heavy duty industrial fans has a fan solution for almost every problem ventilation situation. Our other ranges of packaged blowers provide quality solutions to many small ventilation and extract systems.
Our portfolio of literally thousands of different types, models, and combinations of air-movement equipment can meet the requirements of almost every industrial and commercial application. We also offer customized solutions, tailored to the demanding specifics of your one-of-a-kind application.

Types of Fans Available

New York Blower 
Clean air
A wide range of efficient fans with aerofoil, laminar, backward curved and radial tipped blades with low noise levels & high efficiency, recommended for all clean air applications, supply & exhaust air for processes. All fans suitable for VAV control.
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Dirty Air
Materials handling, process exhaust air, high temperature applications, normally use radial tip and radial blade heavy duty exhaust fans for normal air and corrosive air applications. We have a wide range of custom engineered fans for these applications.
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Process Air
Manufacturing processes create complex problems which we can solve using a wide range of custom engineered fan solutions. Typically these applications are boilers, large processes requiring very large airflows and pressures such as steel mills, pollution control systems such as baghouses, and high pressure systems.
High Pressure Air
For high pressure applications we can provide packaged blowers and fully custom engineered designs for larger or more difficult applications.
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Highly corrosive
We have wide ranges of FRP fans & blowers and fans constructed from other materials for highly corrosive applications.
Fan Components
We can provide a huge range of replacement components for your New York Blower fans.
Fan upgrades, repairs and servicing
Our team of engineers can provide onsite assessment of your fan problems, repairs to existing equipment, re-powering of old fans with New York Blower impellors and shafts, and full servicing of fan and filter systems.
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