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Piller MVR & Specialised Fans

We are New Zealand’s exclusive representative for Piller Blowers.  Piller are world leaders for specialised blowers in process applications such as food, sugar, pulp & paper, chemical, refinery & petrochemical, water treatment, hot gases and metallurgy.

We can provide technical assistance and aftersales support for these applications.

Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR)

Piller was the first company that introduced centrifugal fan solutions for the process of mechanical vapour recompression as used in evaporation units.

Patented bearings and purposely developed high-performance impellers make Piller the leading manufacturer of MVR fans. 
Applications for Standard MVR fans: single, double stage max 3 stages
Volume:               2 t/h up to 150 t/h
Pressure:             vacuum up to 1.49 bar (5barg)
Delta T per stage 7-11 °C average 9 °C
Large MVR fan

Multi Stage Steam Recovery

MVR fans can be connected in series to provide additional direct compression of the evaporated steam and raise it to higher temperatures, so it can be reused in the heating process in the evaporator. Multiple MVR’s can offer significant energy savings and short term return on investments.
Applications: (3 to 8 stages)
Volume:               5 t/h up to 150 t/h
Pressure:             vacuum up to 5 barg
Currently max delta T for 8 stages 72 °C

Small High Speed MVRs

11 different types of small MVR fans have been designed for systems with lower steam capacities.  Ideal for TVR replacement, test plants or small process applications.
Applications:       1 to 8 stages
Volume:               50 kg up to 3 t/h
Pressure:             vacuum up to 1.49 bar
Delta T per stage 3-to max 8 °C average <5 °C
Fines Removal Fan

Specialised Fans

Piller are specialist in high temperature or corrosive environment fan applications. 

Examples include sulphuric acid production, specialist construction materials (e.g. titanium) or high operating temperatures (up to 11500C)
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