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Air Filtration

We offer a wide range of air filtration solutions for commercial and industrial processes.

Our air filtration systems are carefully designed to provide our customers with low maintenance and running costs from flat panel filters through to custom designed HEPA filter systems for specialized applications and complete clean room and operating theatre systems for hospitals.

We also offer a comprehensive range of other products and services including odour absorbtion filters, filter frames and commercial grease filters.

Types of Filters


A wide range of filter types are available.

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Air Filters

Filter Media

Filter Media

A wide range of filter media types from media mats to pocket filters and cassette filters are available to suit all applications.

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Gas Absorbtion & Odour Control

Available in a range of types from loose granules through to modules and packed towers, the range of gas and odour absorbtion media is designed to remove your bad odours or gases from processes or protect your sensitive equipment from corrosive airstreams.

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Biological Air Treater
IPSCO Fan - Filter Air Handler

Fan - Filter AHUs

From concept to installation the fan - filter AHU could be the solution to your problem.

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Operating Theatre, Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical

A wide range of products are available from HEPA & ULPA filters for hospitals, industry and cleanrooms through to laminar flow units, energy bridges and safe change systems for dangerous or infectious substances.
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Operating Theatre, Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical Products
Filter Servicing

Filter Servicing

We offer a complete range of filter servicing, please contact us for assistance.

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IPSCO Filtration Products & Services

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