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Electrical Cabinet Corrosion Control

Protectorvent systems - Control cabinets are increasingly utilising RoHS compliant components.
Because the RoHS directive restricts the use of substances that once offered better protection against gaseous contamination, corrosion in certain components is now being measured in weeks instead of years.

Understanding RoHS

Purafil’s “Understanding RoHS” publication explains this problem in depth - available from us by request.
Control cabinets need more than just a sealed door either because it’s impossible to seal the cabinet 100% or heat build up requires venting.
Protectorvent TM overcomes these problems by positively pressurizing the cabinet and removing the gaseous contamination before it enters the cabinet.


Features & Benefits

Simple mounting brackets and small profile fan make it a breeze to fit to existing cabinets at a low cost, various configurations are available.
Protectorvent TM offers three stage filtration comprising G4 double coalescor filter to remove moisture and dust particles, 2.5l  Purafil media selected to remove the particular gaseous contamination, and a F6 fine filter to remove small particles and dust. ProtectorVents are available as Corrosion protection only ( relatively small airflows concentrating in positive pressure only ), Corrosion protection and cooling air.
Protectorvent TM is simple to service, one minute changeover time for the coalescor pre-filter pads, the fine filter is removed when accessing the gas phase media.
  • Road side controls
  • Geothermal areas
  • Electrical switchyards
  • Hospitals
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Cabinets located outdoors
IPSCO Filtration Products & Services

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