Filter Frames & Accessories

IPSCO Filtration Products & Services
IPSCO Filtration Products & Services

Filter Frames & Accessories

We offer a wide range of holding frames and accessories available in different materials.

IPF Filter Frame Series

The IPF frame system is designed to house the range of our panel, pocket and rigid filters.
  • Incorporates CHF or ARV frames.
  • Bolt together, rivet or spot weld and then seal
  • Can be pre-assembled into manageable banks before installation
Standard frame size is 610 x 610 mm to accept standard 595 x 595mm filter. Half size frames available on request.
Filter Frames
CHF60 Holding Frame

CHF 60

Our 60mm wide holding frame will take the following filters:
Pleated cardboard, AL50, WinAir, Compact, MV, MX, AL, EM and EMD


Our 90mm wide holding frame will take the following filters:
FMP, two stage EMD with WinAir or Compact
CHF90 Holding Frame
CHF110 Holding Frame


Our 110mm wide frame will take the following filters:
Two stage system using nom. 50mm FMP pre-filter in front of WinAIr, Compact, MV or MX

CHF Securing Clips

The Quick Clip fits into lugs punched into the CHF holding frame.
Single or multiple stage filters are pushed over the clips. When correctly positioned, the clip tongue automatically springs against the filter face and forces the sealing edge against the gasket for a secure seal.

Pushing down on the clip releases the filter instantly. Clips can be replaced if damaged and are inexpensive.
ARV frames have lever clips for critical installations.
CHF Securing Clips
IPSCO Filtration Products & Services

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