Pocket Filters

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Pocket Filters

From the economical range for HVAC through to the High Performance range for tough conditions with extremely long life, there is a pocket filter for every application.

Available in a range of designs with G4-F9 media [EN779:2012] / ISO Coarse - ePM1 [ISO 16890] which is being phased in from mid 2016 to replace all EN779 grades. ISO 16890 covers a range of particle sizes from 0.3 - 10 um which models normal application types more realistically.

Types of Pocket Filters Available


▪  Winair economical range for HVAC and non-critical applications
    available in G3 - F7 media [EN779:2012] / ISO Coarse - ePM2.5 [ISO16890]

▪  High Performance range for all critical applications
   available in G4 - F8 media [EN779:2012] / ISO Coarse - ePM1.0 [ISO16890]
Pocket Filters
Winair Pocket Filters

WinAir 35


WinAir 35 pocket filters of filter classes G3 [EN779:2012] / ISO Coarse [ISO16890] are used in intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration for air-conditioning systems of all kinds, in particular;

▪  As prefilters for fine filters in industrial processes
▪  For the filtration of process air with high dust loading or coarse particles.


WinAir 35 Features


▪  Good filtration characteristics thanks to progressively structured filter media made of synthetic-organic fibers.
▪  Filter pockets foamed into the PU front frame, and welded in a leak-proof configuration.
▪  Pocket forming through integrated welded seams.
▪  The pocket filters are microbiologically inactive and meet all hygiene requirements of the German VDI Guideline 6022 “Hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units”.
▪  Free of glass-fibers, non-corroding, moisture-resistant up to 100 % relative humidity, self-extinguishing under DIN 53438 (fire class F 1).
▪  Simple, secure installation, suitable for all commonly used mounting frames.
Winair Pocket Filters

Pocket Filters

High Performance Pocket Filters


Available in a range of designs with media rated from G4-F9 [EN779:2012] and ISO Coarse - ePM1 [ISO 16890 - the new standard which is being phased in from mid 2016 to replace EN779:2012 grades].

ISO 16890 covers a wider range of particle sizes in its tests which give a more realistic result for filter ratings.

Cassette Filters


Where your space is at a premium our range of cassette filters enables space saving!
M5-E11 [EN779:2012] / ePM10- ePM1 [ISO 16890] grades available
Cassette Filters
HEPA Filters

HEPA / EULPA Filters


Available in a range of frame types in EU12-U17

Holding Frames & Accessories

A full range of modular holding frames is available to take all filters

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Holding Frames & Accessories
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