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Sterile Air Solutions for Operating Theatres

Top sterility and reduction of the risk of infection in the operating theatre require reliable technology, the various components of which are optimally adjust-ed to each other.

With the operating theatre concept AREA, ADMECO offers a worldwide unique wall-to-wall concept covering the whole space of the operating theatre.



ADMECO has pursued the vision of a two-zone concept (consisting of a sterile operating theatre core zone and non-sterile peripheral zone) since the 1970s. In its implementation, the integrated operating theatre room concept AREA plays a key role. The core of the AREA operating theatre room concept were ventilation systems which ensured clean air (i.e. free of germs) and thermal comfort.
Theatre Systems
ADMECO Energy Bridge

Media Supply Bridge Concept

In the operating theatre the germ count in the air must be kept as low as possible in the sterile zone, i.e. the protected area. The patient, the surgical team, and sterile instruments must be protected from contamination. For this purpose, a ventilation system blows clean air into the central surgical area. There is a clear distinction between the sterile zone and the peripheral area of the operating theatre. In order to consistently uphold this separation, the area around the sterile zone is ideal for building up a surrounding media supply bridge.

Lighting Systems

Because closed surgical light shades disrupt a large proportion of the low-turbulence displacement flow of modern supply and recirculation air systems,  ADMECO early on developed the completely flow-permeable ADMECO LUX surgical light in open design, specially constructed for the use under LTF outlets.
ADMECO Theatre Light Systems
IPSCO SFDLA clip-together uni-directional flow arrays

Theatre Terminal Units

We provide clip-together uni-directional flow arrays for theatres.

Operating Theatre, Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical

A wide range of other products are available including HEPA & ULPA filters and housings.
HEPA & ULPA Filters
Laminar Flow Units

Laminar Flow Units

Laminar flow backlit fabric screen for critical areas.

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