Toxic Gas Control


Toxic Gas

We prevent toxic chlorine (Cl2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), or ammonia (NH3) gas releases, resulting from a failure in the storage cylinder or system, by providing immediate removal of leaking gas.

The Solution

  • Chlorine Drum Scrubber (CDS)
  • Deep Bed Scrubber for Toxic Gas (DBS)
  • Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS)

Media solutions

Our patented, spherical, porous pellets are comprised of different chemical compounds such as activated alumina, sodium permanganate, activated carbon, and potassium permanganate.

We remove gaseous pollutants from the air through a unique chemical process known as chemisorption. During chemisorption, the media converts harmful gases from the air into harmless materials that are trapped inside the pellet. This process is instantaneous and irreversible.

Chlorine Drum Scrubber (CDS)

The CDS targets removal of low-level chlorine gas emissions found at industrial sites or water treatment plants. It is recommended for smaller air flow applications such as wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, and residential areas. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and requiring essentially no maintenance, the CDS can be used in remote outdoor areas or zones where high levels of acid gases are present.
Drum Scrubber

Deep Bed Scrubber for Toxic Gas (DBS)

The Purafil Deep Bed Scrubber (DBS) is a highly effective, bulk media scrubber designed for controlled environments with medium-to-high contaminant gas levels. The DBS remedies the gases’ corrosive effects and meets stringent air quality standards set by the International Society of Automation (ISA). It is ideal for refineries, steel mills, smelters, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, and other hostile environments. It also functions, if needed, as a shelter-in-place application to protect employees.

Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS)

An Emergency Gas Scrubber is designed to control catastrophic gas releases from 68 kg (150 lb.) to over 2,727 kg (6,000 lb.) while mitigating any risk to human lives in the surrounding communities. This scrubber prevents toxic chlorine (Cl2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), or ammonia (NH3) gas releases, resulting from a failure in the storage cylinder or system, by providing immediate removal of leaking gas. Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of the people living nearby.

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