Air Filter Servicing


Air Filter Servicing

We offer a full range of air filtration servicing solutions for commercial and industrial processes.

Our air filtration systems are carefully designed to provide our customers with low maintenance and running costs from flat panel filters through to custom designed HEPA filter systems for specialized applications and complete clean room and operating theatre systems for hospitals.

We also offer a comprehensive range of other products and services including odour absorbtion filters, filter frames and commercial grease filters.

Solving your maintenance problems

Experience in both operation and maintenance care and maintenance of technical installations like ventilation and filter systems often pose new challenges for the operating staff concerned.

What are the crucial aspects involved in air filtration?

What is the right way to operate and replace filters?

How must the technical and electrical components best be maintained?




We have the answers

Reap the benefits from our long years of experience in operating and maintaining filter systems.

With our service team, we offer you customer-focused, innovative,
fit-for-purpose, eco-friendly solutions.

Our team is designed for flexible deployment and short response times.

Punctual completion is assured, please contact us for assistance.

Filter servicing made simple

Our can-do, professionally expert staff will carry out the following work on your systems – at fixed and budgetable costs.
  • Expert execution of filter replacement and system cleaning 
  • Disposal of used filters with appropriate documentation 
  • Technical service support and maintenance of mechanical and electrical system components (like pressure drop monitors, fan condition, etc.)
  • Hygiene inspections and hygiene checks in accordance with applicable NZ and Australian Standards
  • Filter acceptance measurements in ventilation systems
  • Inspecting and calibrating pressure drop displays and transmitters
  • Measuring dust emissions and immissions (e. g. PM 1.0; PM 2.5 and PM 10)
  • Planning and inventory management for the filter elements
  • Technical acceptance testing of the filter and ventilation systems (e. g. by measuring the arrestance efficiencies, the air flow rate or checking the seal fits, etc.)
  • Checking the systems’ technical condition, weak-point analysis
  • Documentation of all work performed, etc.
  • Customer’s filter data base that can be accessed 24/7 and has the latest up-to-date information and condition report.
Filter Servicing

We can help

Can-do capabilities centred around filter technology;  Cooperation with various competence centres in our company means you have professionally expert contact persons for all your technical questions on filtration, from maintenance and operation all the way through to planning and implementing complete filter systems.
We would be happy to tell you more in a personal consultation.

Just get in touch with us and ‘Eliminate  risk’.

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