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Timber drying is our core business so whether you are drying wood, lumber or timber, we have effective continuous and batch kiln technology to offer.

A Windsor kiln system ensures rapid and uniform drying while ensuring the quality targets of your markets are met and are are backed up by performance guarantees, in-depth training and after-sales technical support.

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Kiln Controls & Moisture Measurement

The key to any kiln system is its control technology and Windsor’s Dryspec™ series is user-friendly, robust and effective.

Measuring timber moisture content is a key component of effective drying. Windsor’s DryTrack™ system is an accurate, repeatable moisture content measuring and monitoring systems for timber drying.

Windsor DryTrack™ minimises degrade caused by over- or under- drying, resulting in more consistent product quality. By repeatedly preventing over-drying, kiln drying capacity is increased. Robust and simple to operate, DryTrack™ can be integrated with Dryspec™ and other kiln controls and data management systems.

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Windsor Drytrack Kiln Controls
Windsor Log Conditioning

Log Conditioning

Controlled use of saturated steam to condition logs prior to peeling or slicing is proven to improve veneer quality significantly. Cutting resistance is lower, resulting in veneer with a smoother surface that needs less adhesive, lowering production time and costs.
Windsor LCCs are energy-efficient, fast and environmentally friendly. Our LCCs incorporate a recycling and filtering process, which dramatically reduces the waste water volume.
Windsor’s unique LCC design ensures that logs are heated uniformly, typically to 50°C/ 120°F core temperature, producing a continuous flow of conditioned logs for peeling or slicing.

We have various layouts and configurations to suit your site requirements and constraints. The LCCs are controlled by Windsor’s Dryspec™ control system.

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Windsor Kiln Products

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