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Kiln Controls

The key to any kiln system is its control technology and Windsor’s Dryspec™ series is user-friendly, robust and effective drying process control and reporting system. It is designed as a PC/PLC application using "off the shelf" components.

Dryspec™ is the base process, control and reporting system, with add-on advanced packages and management options to meet particular needs, including energy management.

Kiln Controls

DryspecTM has been designed by Windsor, SCION and Automation & Electronics and is a Windsor based SCADA system which is easy to operate, yet powerful in functionality.

It is an advanced management system providing centralised control and a database of any number of timber drying kilns and conditioning chambers plus integration of in-kiln moisture content systems and heat plant.

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Windsor Kiln Controls
Single Track Process

Moisture Measurement

Measuring timber moisture content is a key component of effective drying. Windsor’s DryTrack™ system is an accurate, repeatable moisture content measuring and monitoring systems for timber drying.

Windsor DryTrack™ minimises degrade caused by over- or under- drying, resulting in more consistent product quality. By repeatedly preventing over-drying, kiln drying capacity is increased. Robust and simple to operate, DryTrack™ can be integrated with Dryspec™ and other kiln controls and data management systems.

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Smaller Sites

Kilnwatch 1000 & 2000 models are specifically designed for smaller sites with less control requirements.

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Kiln Controls
Windsor Kiln Products

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