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Batch Kilns

We have a range of batch kilns designed specifically for drying softwoods.

Design options include for direct fired or indirect heating using steam, HPHW or thermal oil. We offer both single track and double and in all cases from conventional drying temperatures to ultrahigh drying temperatures.

Not all timber drying situations and needs are the same, so we offer solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Windsor Pioneer Kilns

Our Pioneer Kilns are designed specifically for drying softwoods. The Pioneer offers almost unlimited design flexibility.
  • High Performance: Our kiln will deliver maximum throughput for minimum operating costs
  • Performance guarantees: We offer a range of performance guarantees to suit each specification
  • In-kiln Steaming: We offer either in-kiln conditioning systems or stand-alone conditioning chambers. The latter option will increase throughput dramatically, particularly on HT drying operations
  • Single Track/Double Track Options: We can offer both single and double track kilns. However our experience shows that single track kilns provide better drying results due to the uniform temperature distribution.
  • Noise: Noise emissions from kilns must be minimised on some sites. We offer a special 'Q' range of kilns designed to reduce the acoustical emissions to meet statutory requirements.
  • Direct/Indirectly heated Kilns: Our experience clearly shows that indirectly heated kilns are more effective in producing quality lumber although a small number of direct gas-fired Windsor kilns are operating very successfully in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Training, Service and Support: Our experienced Service Department and established engineering facilities enable us to provide a back-up service which is second to none.
Windsor Pioneer Kilns
Windsor Classic Kilns

Windsor Classic Kilns

Our Classic kiln range of kilns are based on 30 years’ experience in providing efficient drying systems for plantation grown softwood, and is available in six popular, standard sizes which allows for a faster delivery and lower capital investment without compromising our renowned quality.
Our Classic kilns have an aluminium portal style structure and are clad in aluminium panels incorporating a layer of rot proof, fire retardant insulation. The standard Classic kiln has a door at one end but with provision for a second door as an optional extra if required, personnel access doors are fitted on both sides of the stack. The kiln chamber, fan system, heating coils, steam generator and all other components are fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminium.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed high performance – highest drying quality, maximum drying capacity for minimum operating costs
  • In-kiln conditioning or stand-alone conditioning chambers.
  • Noise emissions control to meet statutory requirements.
  • After sales training, service and support.
Windsor Kilns
Windsor Kiln Products

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