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Continuous Kilns [CDK]

Continuous Kiln (CDK) systems are today’s fastest growing trend internationally in softwood drying.

This technology is extremely efficient – saving thermal energy and electricity and incorporates advanced moisture measuring systems.

Types of Kilns

Continuous Drying Kilns (CDK’s)  are available in different configurations to suit your process:
  • CDK-D Dual pass
  • CDK-S Single pass
Windsor CDK Kilns
Windsor CDK Kiln

How they work

Continuous Drying Kiln Double track (CDK-D)

The CDK-D has a reverse flow double track kiln design as the timber/lumber stacks pass through the CDK in opposite directions on two tracks. It incorporates pre-heating, drying, saturated cooling and equalising phases all in one extended chamber.
Continuous Drying Kiln single track (CDK-S)

The CDK-S have a single pass design as the timber/lumber passes through the kiln in one direction only. They incorporate pre-heating, drying, forced cooling and conditioning phases all in one extended chamber.

For both CDK-D and CDK-S systems the timber/lumber is automatically advanced, based on temperature, time and the moisture content of the timber/lumber in the central MD (main drying) section, by hydraulic or electric pusher units.

CDK control is via a PC/PLC DryspecTM management package integrated with the DryTrack® Echo in-kiln moisture measuring system. Design options include for direct fired or indirect heating using steam, HPHW or thermal oil.


  • All CDK kiln options are fully automated in terms of baffle and door operation and also charge loading.
  • CDK kilns include the automatic "hands free" moisture measurement system DryTrack® Echo.
  • All aluminium construction is used in the equalising and conditioning sections.
  • Operational at sites in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.
Windsor CDK Kilns
Windsor CDK Kilns


  • Significant thermal and electrical energy efficiency gains are guaranteed.
  • Higher grade recovery due to the uniformity of drying and the equalising and conditioning phases.
  • Existing batch kilns can be converted to CDK systems to increased production, improve drying quality and reduce energy/fuel use.
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