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Kiln Spares & Servicing

Whether you are drying wood, lumber or timber, we have effective service packages that can be tailored specifically for you.

Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping you run your kilns and keep your costs down to a minimum.

Service Packages

Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping you run your kilns and keep your costs down to a minimum.

We offer four basic service packages ranging from comprehensive reports through to full servicing of kilns, fans and motors. Dynamic balancing is also offered as a specialty service to keep kiln fans running correctly.
Windsor Kiln Service Packages
Windsor Audit & Maintenance Reports

1. Audit & Maintenance Reports

We inspect and test a number of key parts including motor non-drive end bearings and crack testing fan components.

A report including maintenance recommendations is issued on the completion of our kiln audit. For the best result from this option it is advisable to have a competent maintenance engineer on site to complete any remedial work recommended in our report.

2. Service of kiln fans & motors

In this option we maintain the fans, drives components and motors in your kiln.

This ensures that the complicated parts of your kiln run reliably.
Windsor Kiln Fan & Motor Servicing
Windsor Full Kiln Service Packages

3. Full kiln service

All areas of the kiln are covered including full bolt checks, panels and sealing inspection, fan crack testing, motor servicing, steam control valve operation and system checks.

A full service report is sent detailing the work completed and what will be due at the time of the next service.


4. Dynamic balancing of kiln fans

Dynamic Balancing is important to ensure reliable operation of your kiln fans. We have developed a two plane balancing system and an accurate method of fan pitch adjustment. Fans should be balanced when the kiln is installed and every five during the kilns operation.

They should also be re balanced if:
  • The balance disc or weights have been disturbed
  • The taper mounting bush has been removed from the fan hub
  • If any of the fans or fan parts are replaced or corroding significantly
Windsor Dynamic Balancing
Windsor Servicing Expertise

Servicing Expertise

We have significant engineering experience in providing service and maintenance for your kiln equipment throughout Australasia, North America & the Pacific.

We offer a complete spares and servicing package for all kiln systems.

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