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Windsor Kilns North America

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Timber drying is our core business.

Our specialist R&D services and leading edge technology mean we can provide cost-effective solutions to any timber drying need. With over 40 years’ experience in providing timber drying solutions, we have proven technology and expertise, backed by a strong track record in the global timber markets.

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Windsor Kilns
North America

Windsor Technology is our North American subsidiary company and together with our strategic partners, KDS and Wellons, we service the entire softwood market.
For USA, we partner with Kiln Drying Systems & Components Inc. (KDS) and we are based in Asheville, North Carolina.

For Canada, we partner with Wellons and we are based in Surrey BC, Canada.
Our experience and product range allows Windsor Technology to offer our clients a complete range of lumber drying solutions and material handling systems.
Our drying systems include CDK (continuous drying kilns) and batch kiln technology. Our material handling systems include silos, rotary feeders and pneumatic conveying solutions for transport and storage of biomass fuels.
We also offer a full range of kiln management and control packages ‘Dryspec’ and mc (moisture content) measuring systems like DryTrack and DryTrack Echo.
Windsor Kilns North America
Windsor Kilns North America


To best meet our customer’s needs, we have strategic partnerships in North America.

Products: Kilns, Kiln Servicing, Kiln Controls

Windsor Technology
234 Industrial Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28739, USA
Tel: +1 828 891 8115
Fax: +1 828 891 5451

Products: Kilns, Kiln Servicing, Kiln Controls

Wellons Canada
19087 - 96th Avenue, Surrey, B.C., Canada V4N3P2
Tel: +1 888 211 6077
Fax: +604 888 2959
Windsor Kiln Products

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