March 2020: COVID-19 Alert – Level 4 Operations.

Announcement regarding the current state of operations within the Windsor Group.

The major social and economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are concerning for New Zealand businesses and the wider population.

As instructed on Monday 23rd March, businesses in all industries are now working to safeguard their staff and customers both physically and financially during this period of abnormal working conditions.

Our business continuity planning has been in place for a long period of time and this has now been successfully invoked, allowing for the almost seamless transition of our staff to remote working. We continue to follow the best practices outlined by the Ministry of Health and our ability to deliver first class services has been unaffected. During this time, we will still be able to provide quotations, technical support, engineering, parts and maintenance services.

Please continue to contact us through your usual Windsor representative, or fill out the “contact us” form on this website. While our manufacturing facilities may be impacted, we will still be accepting orders and will be able to advise on any allowances that should be made for lead times.

For Essential Services

The Windsor Engineering Group supports a variety of Essential Organisations which include healthcare facilities, food processing, pharmaceuticals and critical utilities such as power and water treatment.

As such, Windsor is an Essential Service group and we remain open during this difficult time and will continue to provide support to these other Essential Organisations.

MPI#: 11444065649