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ISO 16890 replaces EN 779
Filter performance according to particulate fractions

As of January 2017, the new test standard ISO 16890 for filter testing and assessment replaces the previous standard EN 779 and will have sole validity from the middle of 2018 onwards. This happens with a transitional period of 18 months. During this period both standards can exist in parallel. It is possible that countries withdraw the 779 standard with immediate effect. In this case, ISO 16890 replaces EN 779 transition-free. The United Kingdom and The Netherlands, for instance, have already withdrawn EN 779 at the beginning of 2017. 

This new method for the evaluation of air filter elements represents a paradigm shift. In future, filter efficiencies will be determined with regard to the particulate classes PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, which are also used as evaluation parameters by the WHO (World Health Organization) and environmental authorities.

Based on these benchmarks, users will in future be able to more precisely select filters according to their individual requirements.

ISO 16890 - the new group classification

According to new ISO standard filters are divided into four groups. A prerequisite for each group is that a filter captures at least 50 % of the appropriate particle size range. If a filter, for example, captures more than 50 % of PM1 particles, it will be grouped as an ISO ePM1 filter. The respective efficiency is then reported, rounded in 5 % increments.

Alongside fine dust filters, the new ISO standard also evaluates coarse dust filters as ISO coarse: that is, filters that capture less than 50 % PM10.

Comparing the EN 779 and ISO 16890 standards

What has changed for users?
Category EN 779 (OLD Standard) ISO 16890 (NEW Standard)

Closeness to reality
● Determining of average efficiency / arrestance after loading with synthetic test dust in at least 5 individual steps ● Measuring fractional efficiencies when new.
● Measuring fractional efficiencies after 24 hours of IPA treatment
    ● Calculating average fractional efficiencies
  Average of several measurements at 0.4 microns Calculating efficiency ePMx
  Distant from reality Equivalent to real performance


Schedule for the introduction of the new test standard

Our filters are well-prepared for the new ISO test standard
ISO 16890 timetable

ISO 16890 - the new group classification

group classification

Advantages of new standard

February 2017

Crossle Coils

Windsor Engineering Group today announced that it had acquired 100% of Crossle-McKee PTY Limited of Dandenong, Melbourne. Please note that effective from 9th February 2017 the business of Crossle McKee Pty Limited will be operated as a division of Windsor Engineering Group Pty Limited and be trading under the name of Crossle Coils. This brings together the successful project engineering and manufacturing skills of Windsor with a leading Australian manufacturer of customised heat exchangers solutions.

Crossle-McKee have for over 70 years have been supplying quality plate heat exchangers to Australia’s leading companies and manufacturers.

Windsor Group are an integrated provider for air movement, industrial drying and air pollution control markets from product sales to total turn key project solutions.

The Crossle Coils existing design and manufacturing capabilities will be strongly retained along with all the employees. The company will remain in their present Dandenong manufacturing facility under the new operational management of Nick Holmes.

For further information, please contact :
Nick Holmes, Maurice Davies or Alan Davis.

Crossle Coils
6 Capital Drive, Dandenong
Victoria 3175, Australia
Tel:  +61 3 9793 2588
Fax: +61 3 9794 8169

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Crossle Coils
Dairy Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pulp & Paper

August 2016


New partnership announced!
Windsor appointed New Zealand representatives for Piller Blowers.

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MVR Blower

August 2016


New partnership announced!
Windsor appointed New Zealand & Australian representatives for Advanced Cyclone Systems, Portugal.

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December 2015


New partnership announced!

Cartridge dust collection and packaged dust collectors now available.

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Donaldson Filtration Systems




Along with the Evaptech large cooling tower product range, we have secured the exclusive NZ representation for the Evapco Cooling Towers and products.

The Evapco range is one of the world's largest packaged cooling tower companies with a full range of steel, stainless and fibreglass products.

With our Mr Goodtower spares and servicing division we are able to provide a complete repair, upgrade and spares package for all other towers.

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